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Cialis Overview

Cialis is the brand name for the drug Tadalafil, which serves as its active component. It is synthesized to treat erectile dysfunction.

It is more efficient, has fewer side effects and is longer-lasting compared to other drugs that treat erectile dysfunction. Cialis starts to affect you in 30 minutes and, compared to Viagra, last for about 31 hours longer, allowing you to benefit from its flexibility of use, resource and low cost. Another great property of Cialis is that if eating or drinking before taking the drug does not affect its functionality, so you will be available with more options and luxuries than Viagra can offer you.

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Medical Uses

Cialis is primarily designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men, yet it can also be used for conditions that your doctor may suggest. This is because this drug was an amazing discovery, as it can treat other severe medical conditions like pulmonary hypertension with great effectiveness.


Identifying Appearances

This drug is easy to identify by its orange color, round shape and 2 scored lines for easy splitting; also you can recognize it by the words “Tadalifil 20mg” imprinted on the back side.


Drug Class and Mechanism Structure

Cialis (Tadalifil) is in a class of drugs called “phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors”. It will enhance the blood flow to your penis to give you a strong, sexually stimulated erection.

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